David L. Barnhart, EdD, LPC-S, CCMHC

David L. Barnhart, EdD, LPC-S, CCMHC

Dr. Barnhart is a licensed counselor and Board-Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor. He completed his doctorate at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. He is a former chair of the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling. He has been in the private practice of counseling since 1978.

Behavioral Sciences provides a full range of clinical treatment for mental health including anxiety, depression, family and couple counseling, stress management, ADHD treatment for children and adults, and psychoeducational assessment.

Dr. Barnhart has extensive experience in clinical assessment. Since 2002 he has served as a ministerial assessment specialist for the North Alabama United Methodist Church, having evaluated over 470 candidates for pastoral ministry.

Dr. Barnhart founded the Trinity Counseling Center in 1991. In January of 2012 he formed Behavioral Sciences of Alabama, Inc. to offer expanded, intensive outpatient services for obsessive-compulsive and anxiety disorders. Dr. Barnhart and his colleagues participate in the Behavioral Therapy Training Institute for treating obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders.

He developed the protocol for Behavioral Sciences’ Intensive OCD Treatment Program that is recognized by the International OCD Foundation as an institutional member. He authored the workbook, Write Your Fears Away, especially for clients dealing with stress, anxiety, and OCD.

Dr. Barnhart is an avid cyclist, winning the gold medal for his age group in the 2016 Alabama Senior Olympics qualifying to race in the 5K and 10K Time Trials nationally. He represented Alabama in his age group at the National Senior Olympics in Louisville in 2007, Palo Alto in 2009, Houston in 2011, and Birmingham in 2017.

Dave Barnhart, MDiv, PhD is listed below and is the son of David L. Barnhart above.